We're dedicated to giving you the very best product experience, with a focus on our very ancient Indian value- "Athithi Devo Bhava"

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’"The Guest is God" Prescribes a dynamic of the host-guest relationship.

Indian tradition emphasizes a lot on hospitality. Any guest who comes at their doorstep is equivalent to God visiting them.

Greetlog weaves this traditional value in its very functioning and works on delighting your visitor and facilitating better interactions with them.

How the idea of logocame in?

The Pain-Poin

Every visitor who visits an organization would manually enter their data in registers but there is no cross-verification involved leading to a lot of security issues. In organizations such as schools, how will someone identify every person who visits children is their well-wisher. You would say you will call their parents and verify. In an era of hacking, dubious software calls, and voice modulation applications, verification via calling is no more an alternative.

The Solution- Greetlog

Greetlog has been the result of four years of hard work with the objective of better and secure host-visitor interactions. It is hard for organizations to understand the behavior of visitors.

There is a lot of data available today but there is no process to organize it. Rather than working on data in siloes, our objective is to bring all the work under one single software. Greetlog leverages facial recognition to identify a visitor. When a person visits an organization for the first time, the image of a person is captured and stored in a database. The software will then keep a track of the person every time he or she visits the organization.

Greetlog helps you

  1. Amplify Your Security- If you want to secure your ideas, data about your employees, and company, you need to have the data on who visits your company.
  2. Increase Office Efficiency- Your visitor management won’t be a mess anymore, it would be neat, clean, and organized.
  3. Have a Great First Impression- Be organized and impress your visitors with the latest technology.