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World's Smartest Visitor and Candidate Management System.

Facial Recognition

This the ‘hero’ feature of the system. It is a technology which is capable of identifying your visitor from digital image, a video frame or from past digital records.

Delight Your Guests

With our state-of-the-art technology, GreetLog allows you to delight your guests as soon as they step into your office.

Digital Record Keeping

We use cloud-based visitor log which uses phenomenal technology to monitor and record visitor information. You can track and retrieve your visitor’s information any day, any time!

‘One-click’ Visitor Registration

The system saves the information once fed, hence the next time your visitor visits, all he needs to do is just one-click. How perfect!

Auto Candidate Evaluation

The system provides an automated mechanism for candidate evaluation. It involves no physical assistance of Human Resource and the applicant can register himself for the Interview using his cellular setup/mobile.

Comm-Skills Checker

It has features to check the language and oral & written communication skills of the candidate for pre-screening. It also helps with the things like confidence level check and authenticity of the facts stated by him/her.

Interview Scheduling

Once registered for the interview and done with the prelims mentioned above, the candidate can be selected/rejected & scheduled for the interview from the app itself. She/he will get instant notifications about the same.

Brilliant Analytics

Our product offers different sets of analytics to compare the interviewee's performance on parameters like vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, oral and written communication skills, confidence etc. which ultimately helps you in finding the one!

Digital Reception Management

“It’s not about the tool, it’s about the problem it’s solving.”

Organizations today whether large or small will have their corresponding volumes of visitors. ‘Greetlog’ is a system that comes to the rescue of many tired security personnel and reception staff in keeping the track of daily visitors. At the same time, in any organization, Human Resource has to deal with complex and time-consuming recruitment procedure to select the right candidates. 'GreetLog' is one product for every such problem providing you with a bird's eye view mixed with superior technology.

Packed With Super Awesome Features.

Digitizing Your Reception

Delight your visitors – By a touch of technology. The guests feel welcomed, and you save your time. It’s a win-win!

‘One-click’ Visitor Registration

The system saves the information once fed, hence the next time your visitor visits, all he needs to do is just one-click. How perfect!

Visitor Management System

Employee Attendance

This feature can be put to great use in any and every organization. GreetLog uses Facial Recognition technology to register check-in and check-out time of each employee.

Smart Analytics

GreetLog is built elegantly to provide best solution to the complex, time-consuming problems of managing visitors & recruitment. Trust the technology we say; it is always the way forward.

Why Greetlog?

“Overhaul your manual archaic methods of tracking visitors, employees and candidates. With everything in one single app, GreetLog does exactly that for you.”

Saves Money

The system will cost you way less than the amount spent on maintaining the general security systems involving men and machines, which results into saving of resources.


One of the most important feature is that it keeps your premises safe from unwanted intrusions, backed up by strong and smart technologies like facial recognition and Aadhar card validation

Self Check-in and Check-out

Another awesome advantage is you can check-in or out by using tablet/mobile. Getting appointment & scheduling meetings has become much more simpler and faster.

Cloud-based Data-log

The system is a cloud based system which uses remote resources, saving organizations the cost of servers and other equipments. Its centralized access increases efficiency and flexibility of workplaces.

Instant Notifications

With notifications enabled through SMS, email and push notifications, the system keeps you notified whenever a visitor is there to meet you.


It helps in reducing the paper usage for documentation, record keeping, visitor’s log etc. hence saving resources and contributing towards nature.

Easy Recruitment

With brilliant analytics and comprehensive candidate check, staffing and recruitment becomes breezy with GreetLog.

Remotely Running Process

GreetLog offers all the features in remote setups for e.g. providing same recruitment process for different branches in cities other than the hub city of the organisation.

Web-to-Screening Integrations

It integrates the applicant's form on the website to avail the Interview Screening Procedure. Wherein, the answers of the interviewee are recorded and analysed.

Highly Customizable

The product can be customized according to the respective job selection process and job-role demands making recruitments more convenient, productive and time-saving.

Auto-Shortlisting First Round

GreetLog offers parameters like language, communication skills, confidence and social profile checks to filter the applicants in the first round.


World’s smartest Visitor and Candidate Management System available at the most affordable pricing.


Rs.  1800

  • Visitor Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Greetlog SMS


Rs.  5199

  • Visitor Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Greetlog SMS

Half Yearly

Rs.  9999

  • Visitor Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Greetlog SMS


Rs.  18,999

  • Visitor Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Greetlog SMS

Everything related to visitor and candidate management
logged in at one place.

Recruitment Software Review

GreetLog has made our lives at office so much simpler and efficient. It was as simple as downloading the app - no IT person required, no long installation process! We no longer need to go around searching for our visitors and setting up meetings - this app does it for us.

Vijit Singhai

Founder at Parxlab

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